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Horse Sense & Sensitivity enhances the life skills and self-confidence of individuals with with disabilities. We are a non-profit organization that supports growth, healing and development through use of therapeutic horseback riding. These services are provided for children and adults with disabilities in the Jacksonville area.

We are a a 501c3 volunteer organization. Volunteers run the board, serve at every lesson as side walkers and leaders, help the organization raise operating funds, and help to maintain the organization. Volunteers and instructors also provide care for all horses used in the program. We have very low overhead, so nearly all donated funds are allocated toward operating costs including the care and feeding of our horses.


Horse Sense & Sensitivity is a non-profit organization that supports therapeutic horseback riding. These services are provided for children and adults with mental or physical disabilities in the Jacksonville area.

Our all volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community members committed to quality horseback riding instruction made available for all including those with disabilities. 

Participants who cannot afford a modest instructor fee may apply for a scholarship through the instructors, forms available upon request.  Donations may be specifically directed to scholarship funding.

Want to volunteer? We do a comprehensive training session covering different types of equine assisted therapies, the roles of side-walkers and horse handlers (our two main volunteer roles), important safety tips and other information about Horse Sense and our operations.  In addition, there is a hands on portion of the training. We will groom and tack the horses and practice the roles of side walkers and horse handlers. Please wear closed toed shoes.

What is Therapeutic Riding?
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Your contributions mean the world to us! They allow us to continue to make a difference.

How to get started Volunteering with HSS! We would love to have you!

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